Summer 2022

Humbling Growth

Evangelizing isn’t always comfortable, especially when it’s new. That’s why it’s a blessing to come to the Chapel and gain personal experience articulating your faith. “When you voice things yourself and you say things out loud, that’s first of all how you learn,” said Addam, who came to the Chapel for the second time this

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Life On Staff

What does it look like to live on staff? For a few weeks, a month or two, or even the entire summer, you could be part of our family and live on staff! “Being a Christian, I love the Gospel. I love evangelizing, sharing the Gospel with the unbeliever. I feel like this place is

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Dependence on God

We may not think about it much, but we depend on God for everything. As Reformed Christians, we are familiar with the doctrine of the sovereignty of God. This truth comforts us in our distresses and encourages us in our decision-making. But knowing something intellectually isn’t the same as recognizing and applying it in our

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Plant In Hope

Time and again, we come back empty-handed. We have sown the seed of the Word. Night has fully come. The hour is late. And we go back to the Chapel, close the doors. We thank our God for another night of ministry. We don’t get to see what God is doing with his Word. We

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Unexpected Light

Sometimes we find light in the most unexpected places. Wildwood, New Jersey is spiritually dark. Walking on the boardwalk is walking through Vanity Fair. To walk on the boardwalk to see the depravity of man not just on display, but flaunted. Sandwiched between yet another pizza place and yet another crude T-Shirt shop sits the

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Laboring For Christ

Your labor for Christ is not in vain. Work at the Chapel is exciting, rewarding, and fun. But the schedule can be tiring. Staff spend the afternoon absorbed in helpful evangelism and apologetics training, or preparing for the nightly programs. Evenings until late at night are occupied with programs and evangelism. It’s a fun but

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