Below are some testimonials from past and current staff members, leaders, youth group members, and pastors who have visited and served at the Boardwalk Chapel.

It was such a blessing to come here and have people who are dedicating this time to serving the Lord. This year, when I was considering coming, I was worried about the fact that I’m not always faithful; that I’m a sinful man. But God is going to be faithful and build you up into the kind of person that should be here.

Expect godly community, expect hardship, expect people to reject you… but also expect to be built up, to learn how to evangelize, and to have a good time!

Micah MacLean | Evangelism Team

We’re all seeking to further God’s kingdom together. It’s so spiritually beneficial, because you’re encouraged by other people’s faith, by other people’s zeal. It’s edifying, and also keeps you accountable.

Don’t expect it to be easy. It’s not going to just be all fun and games the whole time. It’s emotionally draining, and it’s hard, but it’s very well worth it for the sake of the Gospel.

Hannah Beth Davis | Evangelism Team

I’ve always had a heart for missions, and being here at the boardwalk gives you an opportunity to practice and to learn how to share the Gospel. Coming here has made me want to share my faith more, and it has also deepened my faith. The Boardwalk Chapel’s a great experience because it stretches you, and you’re forced to trust in God every night. The community here is also really rewarding. If you want to make friendships that will last you a lifetime, come to the Chapel. The atmosphere of service together is really uplifting and encouraging. The more we work together, the staff comes together and creates a bond that you can’t really describe.

Jennifer Nelson | Female Staff Counselor

You realize the richness of the Gospel more as you share it with others who maybe haven’t heard it, or haven’t heard it clearly articulated. At the Chapel, I’ve learned a lot. God has used it to sanctify me and grow me in my faith, grow me in recognizing my dependence on Him in prayer, in everything. It’s also a wonderful time of Christian fellowship. The Christians here are focused on following the Great Commission, and it’s wonderful. There’s been a lot of unity this summer, where we’re all looking to go out and preach the Gospel to the lost, proclaim God’s Word, and be a light in the darkness of Wildwood.

Ben Phelps | Evangelism Intern

I really appreciate coming to the Chapel year after year, because I’m able to soak it in more and more each time, and realize that I will never learn all there is to learn about Christ and the Gospel.

I keep coming back because at the end of the day, evangelism is what we’re made to do.  I keep coming back because it strengthens my faith every year. I learn what it is I believe and why I believe it, and I’m able to defend that better and better as I mature as a Christian, and am able to erase doubts that the Devil tries to put in my mind. And I’m able to fight off temptation more quickly, because the Spirit is strengthening my faith and my walk with the Lord.

Olivia Falasca | Youth Group

One of the things I love about being at the Chapel is our exposure to very Scripture-based training, and then applying it. Sometimes it’s hard and it’s scary to be out evangelizing, but it’s really good to be applying that right away. If you need practice in finding joy in the Gospel, or being constantly surrounded by the Gospel, if that’s something you need—and if you think you fully understand the Gospel, then the Boardwalk Chapel is a great place to prove you wrong. Because we never fully understand the Gospel—we can always learn more about it.

Aiden Hathaway | Youth Group

From the very beginning, the way the staff and our kids interacted throughout the week was pretty amazing. It wasn’t just the leaders. The good rapport that they all had—very clearly loving the Lord together, working together. Skits, music, evangelism, training, all of it. Some of our youth came with fear and trepidation, but as the week progressed seeing them getting more and more willing to share the gospel was very encouraging.

Rev. David Thibault | SoCal Youth Group Leader

I’ve just been really, really encouraged. Because I’ve gotten to see peoples’ gifts on display for the kingdom. That is a real encouragement to me. Watching the staff that I’ve gone out with share the Gospel—it really excites me. I don’t need to do it myself, I don’t consider myself great at evangelism. I could just stand there and listen to them, because it’s so encouraging to me that they’re doing it.

Rev. Ajalon Church | Immanuel OPC Youth Group Leader

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