The Boardwalk Chapel provides a unique opportunity for the saints to serve Christ on the Boardwalk of Wildwood, NJ. Through in depth evangelism and apologetics training, staff are equipped to share the gospel and gain invaluable experience by engaging in evangelism daily in Wildwood. During the summer, staff live and serve within an uplifting and intimate community in which they experience rich fellowship, encouragement, and spiritual growth. The staff spend their summer doing ministry and are also able to explore and enjoy the beautiful beaches of New Jersey and all that Cape May County has to offer. 

Staff Teams

At the Boardwalk Chapel, staff serve on specific teams that allow them to use their individual gifts to build the Kingdom of God. 

Evangelism Team: All staff receive evangelism and apologetics training and are involved in evangelism. Evangelism team members receive extra training and specifically learn how to lead evangelism teams in conversation with Chapel visitors and people on the boardwalk. Young men may also have the opportunity to lead devotions and gain experience in preaching during the programs.

Music Team: Music team members receive training in evangelism and apologetics, and are involved in post-program evangelism. They also learn how to use their musical gifts evangelistically by performing in the nightly programs. Music team members ordinarily take part in daily rehearsals to prepare for the programs. The music team is made up of individuals who can sing in parts, and/or can play guitar, lead guitar, bass, percussion, keyboard, or other instruments. 

Drama Team: Drama team members receive training in evangelism and apologetics, and are involved in post-program evangelism. They also learn how to use their acting talents evangelistically by taking part in daily rehearsals and performing gospel-themed skits in the nightly programs. 

Domestic Team: Domestic staff primarily work at the staff home and assist their coordinator in cooking, baking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and generally taking care of the home and Chapel apartments. Domestic staff are able to take part in evangelism and apologetics training. They also can assist with daytime events, evening program activities, and evening evangelism.

Support/Other: Support members may work under the Music, Drama, and AVL Coordinators functioning as sound engineers, lighting technicians, and stage crew. They may also assist with regular upkeep and maintenance, media and communication, provide special training, or serve in other areas that they may be gifted in. 

Types of Staff

Full Summer Staff: (TBD // Cost: $2,000) Full time summer staff receive all of the training offered by the Boardwalk Chapel to prepare them for the ministry. They engage in the daily and nightly Chapel activities, and are able to join a specific team to serve on. Staff typically raise support, and are encouraged to raise additional funds to receive back at the end of the summer. 

Part Time Summer Staff: (TBD // Cost: $2,000) Part time summer staff are expected to be present at the initial training weeks in the beginning of the summer to prepare them for the ministry. These staff members are able to get a day job in Wildwood in order to make money or pay the staff fee. They must be present from 5 PM until midnight for dinner, our nightly programs, and evangelism. These staff members are also able to raise support to cover the staff fee if they desire. Part time staff typically serve on the evangelism team.

Short Term Summer Staff: (TBD // Cost: $1000) This five week position allows for staff members to come for a shorter amount of time. They will receive two weeks of training with the rest of the staff members, while also being able to participate in three regular program weeks to become acclimated to the Chapel. Staff are encouraged to raise support to pay for the program fee.

Visiting Staff: (One Week Visitors // $250) Guests can come and visit one week at a time, participate in evangelism at the Chapel, and experience the wonderful ministry. Visitors are able to join one of the teams for the week that they are there.


Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer staff member at the Boardwalk Chapel! We have openings and opportunities for all teams for Summer 2022. Please fill out an application and contact us today with any of your questions!

Application Information

Application Link for New Volunteers: Please Click Here
Are you a return Volunteer Staff? Click Here!

Church Recommendation Form: Click here for downloadable PDF

For the Parent/Guardian of Minors Only
Minor Permission with Medical in PDF Form

Tips! Use a PDF editor to fill out the forms and send them back to us via email. Or print, fill out by hand, and scan to email back to us. Or contact us via email to request an editable Word document to fill out instead. We are here to serve you!

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