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Male Evangelism Intern

This is a paid internship for men who are currently involved or interested in future ministry (pastoral, evangelism, home or foreign missions). This internship seeks to strengthen men in the area of evangelism to equip them to be more effective and fruitful in their calling. While gaining experience in evangelism and ministry leadership, he will be mentored by an ordained evangelist, Rev. Chris Byrd. The internship begins with two and a half weeks of intensive evangelism training.

Summer responsibilities include:

Summer responsibilities include:

  • Providing leadership for the summer staff
  • Leading evangelism ministry activities
  • Teaching
  • Preaching
  • Mentoring young men on staff

Music Director

The music director is in charge of preparing and executing music at nightly programs. Through the music that is played each night, our hope is to draw individuals into the Chapel, so that they may hear the Gospel through our songs. The director oversees the music team and ensures everyone is using their gifts and talents to the best of their ability. They are in charge of daily rehearsals for both the music team and for the youth group mission teams each week. This position seeks to strengthen the leader in their musical, leadership, and evangelistic skills for kingdom building.

Summer Responsibilities Include:

  • Prepare music in advance to the summer by making binders with chords, sheet music, lyrics etc.
  • Establish communication between the team (band members).
  • Find out particular songs that individuals want to sing/play throughout the summer.
  • Make sure each member is included and has the ability to use their gifts!
  • Plan rehearsals and establish “core songs” for the summer.
  • Select music each day for the evening program. Make sure everyone on the team is comfortable with the songs, and that they are stage ready.

AVL Leader

The AVL Leader is a full time position at the Boardwalk Chapel. This position requires workers to be experienced and proficient in their AVL skills. They are required to be present for music team rehearsals during the day and for the nightly programs to run sound and lights. This position allows those who are interested in the AVL field or enjoy working in it, to grow in their gifts through skill development at the Chapel. This leader will also have a few volunteers to aid in setting up, running the sound, and tearing down. The AVL team works closely with the music team to ensure a beautiful sounding program, in order to glorify God and evangelize to the vacationers on the boardwalk of Wildwood, NJ.


Thank you for your interest in serving as a staff member at the Boardwalk Chapel! Please fill out an application, write the position that you are applying for, and contact us today with any of your questions!

Application Information

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For the Parent/Guardian of Minors Only
Minor Permission with Medical in PDF Form

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