Church Groups

Church Groups

This is an intensive one week missions trip at the Boardwalk Chapel for church groups consisting of youth, young adults, and families. Church groups receive training in evangelism and apologetics, and participate in evangelism throughout the week, equipping them to share the Gospel. The groups work alongside our summer staff, assisting in nightly programs through prepared music, Gospel skits, and short preaching segments. Through this missions experience at the Chapel, church groups will grow in knowledge and love of the Lord, their love for the Gospel, and greatly strengthen their fellowship with one another.

Cost: $3,000. Flat rate for any sized group. Covers housing for the week.

If you have an interest in serving at the Chapel with your church group, fill out our application.

Summer 2022

June 18-25

This is the second week of the Apologetics training by Pastor Jim. Through 5 days of training, this week is dedicated to teaching attendees how to defend the Christian faith on the boardwalk. Pastor Jim focuses on worldview apologetics, seeking to equip those in attendance to “Defend the Faith” with practical training. Worldviews will be discussed and challenges against them will be taught. Pastor Jim will also be answering the biggest Christian worldview questions. Training is from 12-4, leaving the evenings open for evangelism and program rehearsal if your group wants to hold a program towards the end of the week.

Summer 2023 Openings:

  • July 15 – July 22
  • July 22 – July 29
  • August 12 – August – 19
  • August 19 – August 26

Church Group Testimonies:

Pastor Adrian Crum, Harvest OPC.

“My favorite thing about the Chapel was how the gospel was used to challenge the students in our group. Our students really benefited from the training, and I was able to see them mature throughout the week at the Chapel. I had youth groupers asking if their faith was real, or if it was just their parents’ faith. One of the most exciting things from the week was seeing our students wanting to go home and profess faith. We were seeing our children becoming communicant members.”

Pastor Adrian loved how the Chapel evangelizes not only to the world, but also to the church. The gospel of Jesus Christ challenges everyone who does not believe, regardless of their religious experiences.

“I absolutely love the true sense of fellowship that I’ve only ever felt at the Chapel. It really feels like all the bloat of modern church life falls away, and I feel connected to the disciples of the early church. It’s just Christ, our calling, and our love for one another. Coming with the youth group for a week creates an atmosphere of honesty and service to one another, and it gives us opportunities to love each other in ways that we miss otherwise in day to day life. Every year that I’ve visited Wildwood, I’ve seen the Lord work.

This year I was able to pray for a family of strangers whose children were addicted to drugs, and they were deeply moved by our boldness to share Christ’s love for their lives. In my own life, visiting the chapel has peeled away layers of pride in my life in relationship to others in my youth group. I’ve had to learn how to ask for correction and forgiveness, and how to forgive. Something new that I’ve taken home from this summer was an increased boldness in proclaiming my faith, and in initiating fellowship in my friend groups. I’ve received a boldness to have those hard conversations, to ask where they’re at in their walk with Christ, and if they don’t know Him, to boldly point them to the cross. This coming semester at College I will be involved in bible studies with strangers, and I feel more equipped than ever to defend my faith and share it with others.”

This past summer was Athan’s first time coming to the Chapel with his youth group. One of his favorite aspects of the Chapel was being able to take part in the programs sing with his youth group, “it’s really special how the staff and the youth group can use their gifts through music to proclaim the Gospel.” With so many people constantly walking by the Chapel, Athan was able to connect with many of them. He thought that this public setting on the boardwalk was amazing, making this a very purposeful mission. He was in awe by how many people were able to witness the staff and youth groupers give glory to God every night. 

After his week at the Chapel, Athan experienced a revitalization in his spiritual life, being motivated to go home and not get into the routine of simply going to church every Sunday, but be more purposeful and enthusiastic in his spiritual life. He is driven to go out of his way to find places to evangelize and be a light in the darkness, just like Jesus calls us to be!

During this week, the Lord also grew him in the area of self-sacrifice. Living in tight quarters with people for a week is not easy, so Athan was able to learn how to love people who are different from him, and constantly dying to self and loving his neighbors. Athan is so thankful for the Chapel and all the work that the staff does to make it possible for youth groups to come and serve. He is so excited to see what the Lord will do through the ministry as it, Lord willing, continues to serve for years!

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