Evangelism Conference

“Evangelism Conference” // August 28 – September 1

This conference is led by our trainers Rev. Al Baker and Rev. Christopher Byrd and is all about growing in evangelism! It is designed to stir and equip people for evangelism in their local contexts. The week will offer “classroom” teaching by our trainers; “field” training with lots of opportunity to observe and/or participate in personal evangelism and open-air preaching with experienced evangelists and ministers; and plenty of fellowship and mutual encouragement. Among the topics covered: Personal Evangelism, Biblical Street Preaching, Evangelistic Preaching in the Church, Gospel Apologetics, Evangelism in the Local Church, Biblical Revival, and Biblical Revival Prayer. This week is especially aimed at pastors and elders, but anyone with a desire to grow in evangelism is invited to come!  

“For the last four or five years I have had the privilege of training young people at the OPC Boardwalk ministry in Wildwood, New Jersey. This has become one of my favorite ministry opportunities. I believe this is a very strategic ministry. I like the fact that most of the young people who come here are well schooled in Reformed theology because most of them are in OPC congregations. I find then that their good theological foundation serves them well when they catch fire with evangelistic zeal. This is a great combination. For this reason I hope you will give very serious attention to the training programs we are offering in August for lay people, elders, deacons, and pastors. If, by God’s grace, we can combine our solid theology with the power of the Holy Spirit being manifested in a passion for souls, then this will only enhance all our ministries to the praise and glory of God’s grace. Please consider joining us in August. I look forward to seeing you then.”

Trainer, Rev. Al Baker

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$500 – Onsite lodging and meals
$450 – Commuting and meals

$400 – Commuting and no meals

Meet the Trainers!

Rev. Christopher Byrd

Rev. Christopher Byrd is serving as the evangelist at Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Westfield, NJ as part of a team ministry approach to home missions. He is also the Evangelism Director at the Boardwalk Chapel. He has been involved with missions both at home and oversees, and also leads evangelism training and seminars with local churches.

Rev. Al Baker

Rev. Al Baker has spent 20 years in pastoral ministry in the PCA in Georgia and Connecticut. He has been active in foreign missions to countries all over the world, and is extensively involved in evangelistic preaching and training in the US. He leads revival prayer weekends and preaching conferences on revival and evangelistic themes in churches throughout the country. He has also authored a number of books including Evangelistic Preaching in the 21st Century and Under Obligation: Recapturing a Reformed Evangelistic Zeal.


“The BWC Evangelism Conference 2020 was a time of returning to the Scriptures to hear afresh the calling of the church to faithfulness to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. As I am currently preaching in the Book of Acts, I was thankful for the conference’s emphasis on the church’s absolute need for and reliance upon the Lord in prayer in order to be empowered to fulfill her responsibility to make disciples.  I was especially impressed and encouraged by the oneness of mind of our three speakers that evangelism is not the calling of just a few but is the corporate responsibility of the whole body of Christ (Acts 1:8; cf.8:4). This conference got down to the “nuts and bolts” of how the elders of the church can teach and train our members how to share the gospel and to establish contexts – such as home groups – where disciples may grow (Acts 2:42-47). I would encourage all of our churches and sessions to avail themselves of the experience and teaching, and more importantly to prioritize evangelism in the local church by attending the next BWC Evangelism Conference.” 

Pastor John Keagan, Grace OPC, Fair Lawn, NJ

“I went to the 2020 Boardwalk Chapel Evangelism Conference somewhat reluctantly.  I had just recently gone through a difficult period of ministry and I was weary. I would not have attended the conference if the Lord had not directed me and encouraged me in different ways to do so. And to my surprise, the conference provided just the spiritual refreshment I needed. I came away with a renewed desire to make disciples of Christ along with a renewed hope in the power of Christ to use me for that purpose. I encourage pastors everywhere to attend this conference, in order to get a renewed vision for the calling Christ has given us to make disciples as well as a renewed sense of his power to save sinners.”

Pastor Lloyd Sterrett, OPC Franklin Square

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