Statement of Faith

We believe the Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, to be the Word of God, and its doctrine of salvation to be the perfect and only true doctrine of salvation.

We believe in one living and true God, in whom eternally there are three distinct persons—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit—who are the same in being and equal in power and glory, and that Jesus Christ is God the Son, come in the flesh.

We confess that because of our sinfulness we must abhor and humble ourselves before God, repent of sin, and trust for salvation not in ourselves but in Jesus Christ alone.

We acknowledge Jesus Christ as our sovereign Lord and in reliance on the grace of God, desire to serve him with all that is in us, to forsake the world, to resist the devil, to put to death sinful deeds and desires, and to lead a godly life.

We seek to participate faithfully in worship and service, to submit in the Lord to its government.

Paraphrased from the membership vows found in the OPC  Form of Government. The Form of Government of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, which is subordinate to the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, consists of its standards of doctrine, government, discipline, and worship, namely, the Confession of Faith, Larger Catechism Part 1 and Part 2, the Shorter Catechisms, and  the Book of Church of Church Order which include the Book of Discipline, and Directory for the Public Worship of God.

Basis for Evangelism

1. We believe that man is spiritually deaf, spiritually blind, and spiritually dead, and therefore God must do something before man can hear, see, or live. God receives all the glory for man’s salvation. (Eph. 2:8 & 9)

2. We believe that God, of His own purpose, has from eternity determined to save a definite number of mankind, from every tribe, tongue, and nation as individuals, not for any merit or work of theirs, or any value to Him of them, but by His own good pleasure. (II Tim. 1:9)

3. We believe that Christ suffered for all the sins of all His sheep in the whole world, and none of them will be lost. (John 10:26-28)

4. We believe that God’s almighty power is such that He can overpower man’s will in such a way as to cause sinners to willingly come to Him. (Ps. 110:3)

5. We believe that God powerfully keeps those whom He saves. (Rom. 8:35-39)

6. We believe in summary, that faith is man’s duty but it is not within his ability (John 6:44); that eternal life is a gift that is in the hands of a sovereign giver (John 17:2); and that man’s decision is a result of what God does by His Word and Spirit, and thus men lay the crown of their salvation at God’s feet and not at their own, so that none should boast. (I John 4:19)

Adapted from “Today’s Evangelism” by Ernest C. Reisinger

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