The Boardwalk Chapel Summer Calendar 2019

May Work Weekends

  • May 4-6: Calvary Community from Harmony, NJ, with Kevin Laubach
  • May 25-27: Trinity OPC from Hatboro, PA, with Wes and Michele Brown

Memorial Day Kick-Off Concert: May 25 Sat, Concert by The Very Least with Liam Slack

Staff Welcome Picnic and Concert: June 1 Sat, Concert by Right to Become

Training Week One

  • June 3-7: Rev. Jim Zozzaro’s Apologetics of Defining and Defending the Faith
  • June 8 Sat: Concert by Forever Real

Training Weeks Two and Three: June 10-21

  • June 10-14: Dr. Henry Krabbendam’s School of Evangelism
  • June 15 Sat: Concert by Hard North and Capo Boys
  • June 17-21: Continuation of Evangelism training, plus practice and team training
  • June 20 Thu: Concert by Dan Meredith
  • June 21 Fri: Concert by Katrice Cornett

Week One: June 22-29

  • Concert: June 22 Sat, King Rich
  • Church Group: Pilgrim OPC, ME, with Nathan Lambert and Shiloh OPC, NC, with Karoline Strickland
  • First Program: June 24 Mon
  • Guest Musician: June 27 Thurs, Paul and Mary Good

Week Two: June 29-July 6

  • Concert: June 29 Sat, Crossroads Mission Band
  • Church Group: Heritage PCA from Warrenton, VA / Minister: Brian Sandifer
  • Special Training: July 1-5, Practical Evangelism with Al Baker
  • Guest Musician: July 4 Thurs, Frank Rocks

Week Three: July 6-13

  • Concert: July 6 Sat, Music by Mike Polach followed by Concert by Tim Schultheis and Horn Quartet
  • Church Group: New Hope OPC from MD with Ann Burden / Minister: Jack Brooks from TN
  • Guest Musician: July 11 Thurs, Stevie Prather [FUN!!!]

Week Four: July 13-20

  • Concert: July 13 Sat, Regenerated Soul
  • Church Group: Covenant OPC, IL, with Peter Onnink / Minister: Iain Wright
  • Thursday Program: July 19 Thurs, Orland Park Group with Molly Rose

Week Five: July 20-27

  • Concert: July 20 Sat, King Rich
  • Church Group: Living Hope, MD, and Ketoctin, VA / Ministers: Clark Brooking et al
  • Thursday Program: July 25 Thurs, Living Hope and Ketoctin Group

Week Six: July 27-Aug 3

  • Concert: July 27 Sat, Lee Goldberg
  • Church Group: [OPEN] / Minister: Lou Konscel
  • Guest Musician: July 30 Tues, Alan Roller
  • Guest Musician: Aug 1 Thurs, Eric Rapp
  • Guest Musician: Aug 2 Fri, Eric Rapp

Week Seven: August 3-10

  • Concert: August 3 Sat, Paul and Mary Good
  • Church Group: [Pending, possibly Calvary Glenside and Redeemer Dayton]
  • Guest Musician: Aug 8 Thurs, Stevie Prather [FUN!!!]
  • Guest Musician: Aug 9 Fri, Alan Roller

Week Eight: August 10-17

  • Concert: Aug 10 Sat, Hard North and Capo Boys
  • Church Group: Immanuel OPC, Bellmawr, NJ, with Matt Cole
  • Thursday Program: Aug 15 Thurs, Immanuel Group

Week Nine: August 17-24

  • Concert: Aug 17 Sat, King Rich
  • Church Group: Elwell Family with friends from Faith OPC, Elmer, NJ
  • Guest Musician: Aug 22 Thurs, Paul and Mary Good

Week Ten: August 24-31

  • Concert: Aug 24 Sat, Regenerated Soul
  • Church Group: [OPEN] / Minister: Stan Sutton
  • Guests: Aug 26 Mon, Rene and Rommi Kinard + AMOK Arts
  • Guests: Aug 27 Tues, Rene and Rommi Kinard + AMOK Arts
  • Guest Artist: Aug 28 Wed, AMOK Arts with Pastor David Weiss
  • Guest Musician: Aug 29 Thu, Lee Goldberg
  • Concert: Aug 30 Fri, Heirs of Glory (Kim Speer and friend)

September Concerts One: Aug 31-Sept 1, Labor Day Weekend

  • Concert: Aug 31 Sat, John Keith Davis
  • Youth Group: [OPEN]
  • Sunday Minister: Sept 1 7PM, Stan Sutton


September Concerts Two: Sept 6-8, Roar to the Shore Weekend

  • Concert: Sept 6 Fri, Dan Meredith
  • Concert: Sept 7 Sat [OPEN]
  • Youth Group: Emmanuel Chapel, PA, with Wilson Cummings


September Concerts Three: Sept 13-15, Firefighters Weekend

  • Concert: Sept 13 Fri, Katrice Cornett
  • Concert: Sept 14 Sat, Narrow Road
  • Work Group: [OPEN]