The Boardwalk Chapel Summer Calendar 2018

Updated regularly. Please email us if you have any questions about any of the details or would like to help out with any of the openings!

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May Weekends

  • May 5: Carlos from Calvary Glenside to help with spring work
  • May 11-13: Leaders’ Weekend Get Together
  • May 18-20: Work Group from West-Mont Christian Academy led by Elijah Platchek
  • May 25-27: Work Group from Trinity Hatboro led by Wes Brown

Memorial Day Kick-Off Concert: [OPEN]

Staff Welcome and Concert: June 2 Sat, Concert by Under the Fall

Training Week One: June 4-8

  • Rev. Jim Zozzaro’s Apologetics: Defining and Defending the Faith
  • Concert: June 8 Fri, Frank Rocks Jesus
  • Concert: June 9 Sat [OPEN]

Training Week Two: June 11-15

  • Dr. Henry Krabbendam’s School of Evangelism
  • Concert: June 15 Fri [OPEN]

Week One: June 16-23

  • Concert: June 16 Sat [OPEN]
  • Church Group 1: West-Mont Academy, PA, with Elijah Platchek (staying off-site)
  • Church Group 2: New Hope Presbyterian, MD, with Ann Burden (staying at Chapel)
  • Training: June 18-22, Evangelism with Dr. Henry Krabbendam, Al Baker, et al
  • First Program: June 18 Mon
  • Guest Musician: June 21 Thurs, Dan Meredith

Week Two: June 23-30

  • Concert: June 23 Sat [OPEN]
  • Church Group 1: Church of the Covenant, NJ / Minister: Jim Jordan
  • Church Group 2: Pilgrim OPC, Bangor, ME, with Nathan Lambert
  • Guest Musician: June 28 Thurs [OPEN]
  • Training: June 28-29, Pastor Sam Andreades

Week Three: June 30-July 7

  • Concert: June 30 Sat [OPEN]
  • Church Group: Heritage PCA, Warrenton, VA / Minister: Brian Sandifer

Week Four: July 7-14

  • Concert: July 7 Sat, Regenerated Soul
  • Church Group: Chinese Bible Church, MD, with Guan Hsu
  • Minister: July 8 Sun, Alan Strange
  • Guest Musician: July 12 Thurs [OPEN]

Week Five: July 14-21

  • Concert: July 14 Sat [OPEN]
  • Church Group: Covenant OPC, IL, with Peter Onnink / Minister: Iain Wright
  • Guest Musician: July 19 Thurs, Molly Rose

Week Six: July 21-28

  • Concert: July 21 Sat [OPEN]
  • Church Group: Living Hope, MD, and Ketoctin, VA / Ministers: Clark Brooking et al
  • Guest Musician: July 26 Thurs [OPEN]

Week Seven: July 28-Aug 4

  • Concert: July 28 Sat [OPEN]
  • Church Group: Matthews OPC, NC / Minister: Justin Rosser
  • Guest Musician: Aug 2 Thurs, Eric Rapp

Week Eight: August 4-11

  • Concert: August 4 Sat [OPEN]
  • Church Group: Immanuel Bellmawr, NJ / Minister: Tom Church
  • Guest Musician: Aug 9 Thurs [OPEN]

Week Nine: August 11-18

  • Concert: Aug 11 Sat, Regenerated Soul
  • Church Group: [OPEN]
  • Guest Musician: Aug 16 Thurs [OPEN]

Week Ten: August 18-25

  • Concert: Aug 18 Sat, Frank Rocks Jesus
  • Church Group: [OPEN]
  • Training: Aug 20-24, Matthew Cummings to give Evangelism Explosion
  • Guest Musician: Aug 23 Thurs [OPEN]

Week Eleven: August 25-Sept 1

  • Concert: Aug 25 Sat [OPEN]
  • Church Group: Faith OPC, NJ, with Ron Elwell
  • Training: Aug 27-Sept 2, Dick Fisher to give You Last Forever Conference
  • Guest Musician: Aug 20 Thurs [OPEN]

September Concerts One: Aug 31-Sept 1, Labor Day Weekend

  • Concert: Sept 1 Sat, Liam Slack
  • Group: [OPEN to Visitors!] You Last Forever Conference

September Concerts Two: Sept 7-10, Roar to the Shore Weekend

  • Concert: Sept 7 Fri, Dan Meredith
  • Concert: Sept 8 Sat [OPEN]
  • Youth Group: Emmanuel Chapel, PA, led by Wilson Cummings

September Concerts Three: Sept 14-17, Firefighters Weekend

  • Concert: Sept 14 Fri, Under the Fall
  • Concert: Sept 15 Sat, Heaven’s Thunder Bank
  • Youth Group: [OPEN]

September Concerts Four: Sept 21-24, Irish Festival Weekend

  • Concert: Sept 21 Fri [OPEN]
  • Concert: Sept 22 Sat [OPEN]
  • Youth Group: [OPEN]

September Concerts Five: Sept 28-Oct 1, Italian Festival Weekend

  • Concert: Sept 28 Fri [OPEN]
  • Concert: Sept 29 Sat [OPEN]
  • Youth Group: Presbytery of New Jersey Youth Rally led by Andrew Barshinger