Part of our mission at the Boardwalk Chapel is to train the next generation to be faithful disciples equipped to proclaim the Gospel to the world. We offer four different weeks that seek to fulfill this mission, training and growing all those in attendance. Each week has a different focus and various teachers, our ultimate desire through these weeks is that the church will be equipped for evangelism, both at the boardwalk and back in their communities.

If you have the desire to learn more about street preaching, evangelism, or apologetics, we encourage you to look into our training weeks. Prayerfully considering spending a week in Wildwood, learning about our Lord, growing in your love for Him, and expanding your knowledge of Him alongside others who have a passion for knowing Him, and making Him known.

Training Weeks

Street Preaching Conference – a weekend packed full of training and hands on experience for men who are ready to “break the sound barrier” on the Boardwalk and preach during the busiest weekend on the summer, Memorial Day Weekend.

School of Evangelism – a week with classroom and field training focusing on Biblical evangelism, prayer, Gospel apologetics, and so much more.

Defining and Defending the Faith – a week centered on a walk through of the Apostles Creed that gives a well rounded training in Biblical apologetics.

Evangelism Conference – a week fo training designed to stir and equipped the saints for evangelism, specifically those interested in ministry, with practical training and classroom teaching that covers a broad range of Biblical topics.

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