Thank you to all our trainers who have assisted us throughout the years as we learn about God, His Word, and how to reach souls for His glory! Please take a look at the links and resources below from past summers and check out the Calendar Page for current and upcoming training events.

Summer 2020:

Upcoming events

  • June 15 to 19: Apologetics with Rev. Zozzaro
  • August 22 to 29: Evangelism with Dr. Krabbendam, Mr. Byrd, and Rev. Baker

Training Resources

Gospel Moments

New to Summer 2020! Please listen to the following audio files from Rev. Jim Zozzaro at Calvary Church as sample Gospel Moments when preparing for summer ministry at the Chapel.


Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3


Apologetics: Defining and Defending the Faith

  • A course based on the Apostles Creed, by our Director, Rev. James A. Zozzaro
  • Available at this Link on Sermon Audio
  • Outlines of the Lectures: PDF here

Evangelism: Way to God

Evangelism: Prayer and Revival

  • Check out information on Rev. Al Baker here:
  • Read Rev. Al Baker’s weekly devotional here:

Evangelism: You Last Forever

A Theology of Gender