Summer 2023

Junior Staff

The Boardwalk Chapel ministry simply wouldn’t be possible without summer staff, volunteers, and church groups. These human voices, hands, and feet are the tools God uses to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people on the boardwalk all summer long, as he provides opportunity! This witness is maintained through programs every night […]

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Wildwood VBS

The Boardwalk Chapel resumed weekly neighborhood VBS this summer— a ministry suspended since the coronavirus lockdown. We are hoping for staff to begin to establish relationships with these neighborhood children and show them the love of Jesus, especially those staff members who will be here until the end of summer. On the first day, the

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Broken Image Bearers

How should we look at the lost souls to whom we evangelize? Evangelism at the Chapel may look different than evangelism at home. Perhaps those to whom you evangelize at home are friends, family, or acquaintances, whereas most of the interactions on the boardwalk are fleeting. You may approach evangelism a little differently with those

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No Other Hope

Apologetics training at the Chapel is broken into two parts—Defining and Defending the Faith. It is our aim that the Chapel staff this summer will come away with a reinforced understanding of what the Christian faith is, and how to defend it. There is no shame in our proclamation of the Gospel. Rather, when we

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