Zeal for Evangelism

The very first week of regular programming was a huge success. The youth group from Shiloh OPC in North Carolina provided a huge boost in strength and energy to the staff at the Chapel, as we combined to refocus our efforts in evangelism. For many on staff, it was exciting to start the year off and see what a normal week at the Chapel looks like, after almost 3 weeks of training. 

The staff really benefited from the music, prayer, drama, and preaching every night, especially when following it all up with nightly evangelism. Pastor Dave Okken described the whole week as ‘contagious’ and a ‘spike in sanctification.’ There is something really special in seeing people of all ages and backgrounds uniting around the one goal of the great commandment, making disciples of all nations.

Micah MacLean came to the Boardwalk Chapel for the very first time, and absolutely loved the whole experience. He talked a lot about prayer, how often we undervalue it as ‘less effective than doing.’ His knowledge about prayer didn’t change as a result of this week, but he did experience a change in personal understanding of prayer. It is this growth in practical application that the Chapel loves to foster in the youth that attend. Pastor Okken, when asked his favorite thing about the Chapel, was quick to say the zeal for evangelism, as the staff and the youth group come together. 

For the youth group, Micah’s words seemed to ring true. “The first time going out, I had a bit of a beating heart, but I was more excited than nervous.” One of the ways he saw that recently was God telling him,  “Look, if this is your faith, share it!”

Christians can struggle with nerves and anxiety, especially in the context of evangelism. These things come from fear of man and fear of the world. John 16:33 promises us tribulation in the world, but then says, “Take heart; for I have overcome the world.” Pray to God and ask him to turn your heart of fear into a heart passionate for evangelism. Come together with others around you and pursue the great commandment where you live!

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