Memorial: Rev. Leonard Chanoux (1930-2010)

Memorial Minute for the Rev. Leonard F. Chanoux, Emeritus*

July 1, 1930 – Nov 21, 2010

Boardwalk Chapel Manager 1963 – 1977

The Presbytery of New Jersey acknowledges with great sorrow the passing into glory of our brother the Rev. Leonard F. Chanoux.  A member of this Presbytery during his entire ministry, he served with extraordinary usefulness and honor for nearly 57 years. He was taken under care of the PNJ in 1951 and licensed in December of 1956. After his graduation from Westminster Seminary in 1957 he was ordained and installed as the fourth pastor of Faith OPC, Pole Tavern, where he served until 1963.

Led to Christ as a teenager at the Boardwalk Chapel in the late forties, his support for that ministry touched eight decades. He labored as Chapel Manager from 1963 until 1977, as a member of the Home Missions Chapel Sub-committee  for the past 31 years, and  preached there for all but two of the last 57 summers.

chanouxPreach3_2006SmallOvalHis work in the local church has been blessed as Len, by appointment of the Presbytery, served 28 years on the Session of Immanuel OPC, Bellmawr until his death. Five men, having interned in the congregation during that period, are not ministers in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Rev. Chanoux was a brother, counselor, and friend who filled our pulpits, worked on various committees, augmented sessions, and assisted the presbytery and the denomination by making several mission trips to countries in the horn of Africa. He relished being an Ambassador for Christ — imploring those far and wide on behalf of his Saviour to be reconciled to God. His warm, caring and evangelistic tone in our midst God was pleased to bless.

* From the minutes of the Presbytery of New Jersey, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church,  February Feb. 22, 2011