Volunteer Staff

Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer staff member at the Boardwalk Chapel! We are currently welcoming applications for Summer 2019, whether for a week, two weeks, a month, or for the whole season.

Specific needs:

  • Evangelism Team: Men and women needed as volunteers
  • Drama Team: Male and Female volunteers actors needed
  • Domestic Team: 1 volunteer needed, description below

A Domestic Operations Volunteer needed to assist the Domestic Operations Coordinator. Seeking an individual with a big heart for serving who is excited and passionate about blessing the whole staff body this summer! Summer Coordinator Elissa shares, “While I am looking for someone who is capable in the kitchen, please don’t let skill level worry you too much, as I am happy to teach! I am most interested in finding a person who has a deep heart to use gifts of service as a way to bless others and serve the Lord.”  The Domestic Team is much more than just cooking and serving nourishing food, but seeks to train staff and develop character in the life-long skills of humble care, patient diligence, and loving care toward others.

Application Information

Application Link: Click here for online Form

Church Recommendation Form: Click here for downloadable PDF

For the Parent/Guardian of Minors Only
Minor Permission with Medical in PDF Form

Tips! Use a PDF editor to fill out the forms and send them back to us via email. Or print, fill out by hand, and scan to email back to us. Or contact us via email to request an editable Word document to fill out instead. We are here to serve you!

Volunteer Staff Details and Expectations

Program Cost

  • Full Time: $2500.  Full time staff do not work a second job during the summer but will receive a $500 stipend at the end of the summer. Any funds raised above the $2500 may either be reserved for the program fee for one year only or may be donated to the Chapel.
  • Part Time: $2000.  Part time staff may work a second job to raise their program fee or to make money for other expenses, but must be available from 5 PM to midnight for community activities and Chapel work.
  • Tent-Making: $2000.  Tent-making staff work a second job in order to raise the program fee but must be available from 5 PM to midnight for community activities and Chapel work. After raising the full amount, they may continue as part time staff if so desired.
  • Temporary and End-of-Summer: $40 per day, $250 per week, $1000 per month. Temporary and end-of-summer staff are welcome to arrive whenever we have openings after other staff leave for work or school purposes and may work on any team of their choosing or in multiple areas.
  • Please Note: Since space is limited at the Staff house, priority will be given to Full Time staff. However, please do not let money keep you from coming to serve on staff at the Boardwalk Chapel. We are eager and willing to work with any person that wishes to come and serve alongside us!


  • Come for the primary purpose of actively participating in the ministry of the Chapel by choosing a particular team to work with (i.e., evangelism, music, drama, domestic, etc.).
  • Participate in all mandatory training, ministry, and fellowship activities.
  • Accept assigned house-keeping responsibilities at the staff house.
  • Submit in the Lord to all those placed in positions of lawful authority over them.
  • Submit to the ethical standards of conduct summarized in the Ten Commandments as expounded by the Westminster Standards.
  • Arrive by the specified date and remain through training and ministry activities as noted on the Chapel Calendar. Note: For 2019, the expected commitment period for full-time staff is from Thurs May 30 through Sat Aug 17. If a full-time staff member must arrive later or depart earlier, they should clear their schedule with the Director before arriving for the summer.

Chapel Team Options

  • Evangelism Team: While all staff receive evangelism and apologetics training, evangelism team members receive extra training and specifically learn how to lead evangelism teams in conversation with Chapel visitors and people on the boardwalk. Young men may also have the opportunity to lead devotions and give Word segments during the program.
  • Music Team: Music team members learn how to use their musical talents on stage during the programs. Music staff ordinarily take part in daily rehearsals and perform in the nightly programs. They also have the opportunity to help with evangelism teams each evening. Every summer, the music team needs individuals who can sing in parts and/or know how to play guitar, keyboard, or percussion.
  • Drama Team: Drama team members learn how to use their acting talents for ministry by taking part in daily rehearsals and performing in the nightly programs. Drama team members also go out with evangelism teams each night. Both men and women needed every summer!
  • Domestic Team: Domestic staff primarily work at the house and assist their coordinator in cooking, baking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and generally taking care of the staff house and Chapel apartments. Domestic staff are welcome to assist with daytime events, evening program activities, and evangelism but are not required to.
  • Support/Other: Support members may work under the Music, Drama, and AVL Coordinators functioning as sound engineers, lighting technicians, and stage crew. They may also assist with regular upkeep and maintenance, media and communications, provide special training, or serve in an entirely different area that we may not even realize that we need!

Please contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns!