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Application Information

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Coordinator Details and Expectations

Compensation: Coordinators are provided with a base salary of $2000 as outlined in the Chapel Budget each year. In addition, they are provided with free room and board, at a value package of $2000 per individual. All coordinators are encouraged to raise additional funds through the Chapel in order to increase their salary.

Expectations for All Leaders

  • Come for the primary purpose of actively leading in the ministry of the Chapel.
  • Submit to the ethical standards of conduct summarized in the Ten Commandments as expounded by the Westminster Standards.
  • Submit in the Lord to the Director and communicate regularly with him.
  • Communicate with the Administrative Assistant about important details during the off-season.
  • Arrive after Memorial Day weekend and remain until the weekend before Labor Day, or obtain permission for a different schedule from the Director. Note: The tentative Summer 2019 dates of commitment are Tues May 28 through Sat Aug 24.
  • Participate in all mandatory training, ministry, and fellowship activities.
  • Lead in assigned house-keeping responsibilities at the staff house.
  • Honor the Lord in every phase of the program, including sacrificing personal desires for harmony among staff.
  • Foster personal spiritual growth while remembering that the way leaders lead their life is a witness to all people and may either greatly encourage or discourage the brethren.
  • Encourage the spiritual growth of the staff and young people within church groups, remembering that leaders must be patient and humble even in difficult situations.
  • Be willing to assist in all areas of the Chapel ministry, not only in the one specific area of oversight but also in helping other leaders when their tasks are particularly heavy.

Evangelism Coordinator Tasks

    • Be available to oversee evangelism efforts, lead nightly programs, and evangelistic activities throughout the summer with the help of all evangelism staff.
    • Manage and provide schedules for staff and church teams assisting in Chapel Evangelism and Boardwalk Evangelism.
    • Maintain an adequate inventory of literature stocked at the Chapel for visitors and train staff and church groups in the basic uses of tracts and books.
    • Supervise, counsel, and delegate tasks for any staff focused on the evangelism ministry while incorporating the assistance of guests and church groups when applicable.
    • Set an example for staff devotions, prayer meetings, and Bible studies.
    • Male Coordinators: Deliver Word segments during the nightly programs when needed and substitute preach at local churches when able.
  • Female Coordinators: Be available to assist with the Pro-Life Ministry at the Chapel.

Music Coordinator Tasks

  • Lead the music ministry for nightly Chapel programs throughout the summer.
  • Direct all elements of musical service, including selecting and preparing songs, training staff and church teams in learning individual parts, and overseeing daily practice.
  • Work with the Drama and Evangelism Coordinators to plan for each nightly program.
  • Delegate music tasks and stage responsibilities to specific staff members as needed.
  • Manage areas used by music staff in order to maintain a neat and orderly appearance.
  • Regularly communicate with music staff to pray, discuss goals, explain expectations, answer questions, and address concerns.

Drama Coordinator Tasks

    • Lead drama productions for the nightly programs during the summer as long as possible.
    • Help modify and refresh scripts from previous years when needed and acquire or create new skits when asked to by the Director.
    • Lead all elements of staff and church group skits, including learning lines, practicing daily, and rehearsing for each nightly program.
    • Work with the Music and Evangelism Coordinators to plan each program.
    • Delegate responsibilities to an assigned stage manager and specific drama staff who will serve as a stage crew.
    • Manage the prop room to make sure it remains organized throughout the summer.
  • Regularly communicate with and encourage drama staff so that they remain physically and spiritually well throughout the summer.

Domestic Coordinator Tasks

  • Organize the kick-off Party in the Park for staff and local church leaders.
  • Lead efforts for grocery shopping to provide food for the Chapel staff throughout the summer.
  • Budget for and plan for five organized dinners per week while directing the staff on the Domestic Team to assist with the preparation.
  • Organize the weekly Saturday night meet-and-greet snack for the staff and visiting church group.
  • Work with the Evangelism Coordinator to organize an international midnight dinner on most Wednesdays during the summer.
  • Communicate with the House Parents regarding guests staying over at the staff house and making sure that their meal needs are provided for.
  • Take care of necessary non-food domestic purchases (i.e., paper goods) at the staff house and Chapel as needed.

Please ask if you require more details about team leadership!