House Parents


The overall responsibilities of the House Parents are to provide Christian nurture for the Boardwalk Chapel staff living in the Dunn House throughout the summer. This position requires that the couple have a genuine love for Jesus and for young people who are seeking to serve the Lord and also that the parents be patient and understanding toward college-aged individuals during the busy months of seasonal ministry.

Specific Information

One of the primary day-to-day responsibilities of both Parents include holding staff accountable by encouraging them in their daily work and enforcing the house rules. Each staff member is aware that he or she follows a particular ministry schedule and is expected to be punctual and respectful toward others in the house. At times, Parents will need to graciously remind forgetful or negligent individuals regarding time frames at the Chapel and completing assigned chores around the Dunn House.

Staff are expected to have their own personal devotions with the Lord and the group of staff also meet four times a week for Bible reading and prayer. The House Parents should be available to assist with leading those times as needed. Also, whenever needed, the House Parents should be available to meet individually with the young people on staff for counsel and advice. As in all counseling situations, Parents are asked to show discretion, pray for wisdom, respect each staff member’s privacy, and speak to the Director when necessary. All interactions should provide a way for the House Father to spiritually and emotionally minister to the young men on staff and for the House Mother to do the same for the young women on staff.

In the event that a staff member repeatedly disrespects any of the rules, the House Parents are responsible for enforcing the disciplinary measures that are already established at the Chapel and staff house to include extra work and discussion about removal of privileges in an extreme example. Common infractions include breaking curfew, neglecting to act in a punctual manner, and behaving in an way that does not show love toward the other brothers and sisters in the Dunn House.

Specifics for the House Father

Some of the daily duties are specific for the House Father, particularly in the area of security. The Dunn House is situated in a relatively dangerous part of Wildwood and criminal activities regularly occur in the area during the summer. While the staff are trained in the beginning of the summer on safety awareness, it is easy for individuals to forget, relax their guard, or become negligent as the summer progresses. It is the responsibility of the House Father to regularly remind staff members to practice safety precautions, including, but not limited to, closing and locking doors, being accountable to each other regarding their whereabouts, traveling in groups, and not walking on the streets after dark.

The House Father is also responsible for maintaining curfew each night and assigning a particular Coordinator to lock every door and downstairs window at night. On weeknights (Monday through Friday), staff should be back at the Dunn House on midnight and be in their individual rooms at one. On weekend nights (Saturday and Sunday), curfew is an hour earlier, with staff returning to the Dunn House at eleven and retiring to their rooms at midnight. At the discretion of the Director, Father, and Coordinators, curfew may be changed.

Specifics for the House Mother

Other daily duties are specific to the House Mother, especially in the area of assisting with household responsibilities. The Domestic Coordinator oversees all operations at the staff house that relate to purchasing groceries and supplies, cooking five suppers per week, managing staff and visitor schedules, and so on. Since the summer season is busy and often unpredictable, the House Mother is asked to be flexible and willing to assist with domestic tasks as they come up each day. In the event that the Domestic Coordinator becomes ill or has a personal emergency, the House Mother should be willing to delegate responsibility to other staff members.

The primary household responsibility of the House Mother is to set up and supervise chore lists at the Dunn House. It is up to the House Mother’s discretion when chores are to be completed, how she should encourage the staff to complete their specific jobs in a timely fashion, and what disciplinary measures should be taken when staff are negligent in this area.

Additional Information

While the position of House Parents is unpaid, free room and board are provided for the length of the summer, an estimated value package of $4000. It is possible for one or both Parents to find employment in the area as long as outside work does not interfere with duties at the Dunn House. As much of their time is flexible while the staff are involved in their daily responsibilities, Parents are free and welcome to volunteer their time at the Chapel or in any other work or recreational activities.

If you interested in this position, please contact the director at (609)-522-8489 or email [email protected].