Thank You to Firemen 2000

4312 Boardwalk, Box 602
Wildwood, NJ 08260

September 4, 2000

Wildwood Municipal Fire Division – Station 3
Holly Beach Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 – Station 3-1
Wildwood Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 – Station 3-2
West Wildwood Volunteer Fire Company – Station 21
North Wildwood Municipal Fire Division – Station 2
North Wildwood Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 – Station 2-1
Anglesea Volunteer Fire company No. 1 – Station 2-2
Wildwood Crest Fire Company – Station 4


Dear Fire fighters of the Wildwoods:

While watching you fight the Boardwalk fire at Baker Ave. early Tuesday morning last week, it became obvious to me both by your words and by your actions that no effort would be spared to save the Chapel. I had prayed for God’s intervention, and He intervened indeed. Praise God, He sent you. While the flames were intense and the wind gusted briskly from the worst possible direction, you did not budge from your commitment to provide a water shield of protection around the Chapel exterior. Some of you could have bailed out of dangerous positions but you chose not to do so-and for that I thank you. My gratitude goes out to each one who had a part in confronting this blaze.

Firefighters and their families who worship at the Chapel have made me keenly aware of your long term preparation to fight this fire. Your dedication and intense pride in saving the Chapel has been duly noted by the Boardwalk Chapel Committee, by the news media, and by the multitudes who have passed by the Chapel in the intervening days since that momentous event. The provision of the Lord in protecting this structure has given opportunity for many to praise God.

I too am a “firefighter” of sorts and the Chapel a “smoke detector.” Many visitors who come into the Chapel are clinging to their oily rags of sin. They refuse to clean out the trashy flammable areas in their life. Most are headed for Hell, a place of unquenchable fire. I am grateful for the opportunity to help them extinguish the burning embers of sin and I do it with urgency and dedication. The Chapel stands along the Boardwalk as a detector, beeping out Biblical messages of warning–“it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgement”… “Now is the time of salvation.” Young and old [have] heard those warnings, repented of their sins, and turned to God through Jesus.


Thank you! And please relay my thanks to the outlying stations who supplied backup.

Sincerely,  Jon W. Stevenson, Director