Church Recommendation Form

Dear Pastor and Church Leaders,
Each summer, we employ the help of volunteer staff to assist with the ministry of the Boardwalk Chapel in the areas of evangelism, music, drama, domestic operations, and support. Under ordinary circumstances, we do not accept anyone to serve on staff without a formal recommendation by the ordained leadership of the church in which he/she is a member in order to provide for accountability.

Do you officially recommend as a body of church leaders that the applicant serve on staff at the Boardwalk Chapel?

If you require more information about the Chapel ministry before you can recommend the applicant in good conscience, we would be happy to provide more details about the work and answer any specific questions. If you wish to discuss any particular details about the applicant, we welcome you to contact us by phone. If the applicant is approved to serve on staff, we ask that you please stand with him/her in prayer and by support throughout the summer.
Thank you for your help in this matter and may the Lord’s grace and peace be with you.

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