What to Expect

Hello new Staff members!

Here are some things that might be good to know about what it is like to be on Staff.

First, we have a mixture of busy and calm time. Depending on the schedule and the different things you’re involved in, (i.e. skits, songs, preaching, kids ministry, evangelism, helping youth groups) you might be very busy some days and not as busy other days. If you want to remain busy, there are plenty of things to do.

The Chapel is open from noon to midnight Monday through Saturday. Staff on the evangelism team will be expected to stay at the Chapel until midnight to close up.

Thursdays are our day-off. It’s generally used for beach/town trips, naps, calling home, chores, and many other things.

Sundays are a day of rest. Staff are expected to attend one of the local churches. On Sunday evenings, Staff go back to the Chapel to attend the evening service.

The kids’ ministry is a year by year occurrence. For more information, ask Chris Byrd.

The Dunn House is within walking, biking, and driving distance of the Chapel.

In regards to meals, staff eat supper together five times a week, which is organized by the house mom and her assistants. Staff make their own breakfasts and lunches, plus suppers on Thursdays and Sundays, with the groceries provided at the house.

There is limited air conditioning and hot water.

If you’ve never been to Wildwood before, we’re twenty minutes by car from the nearest Starbucks/Walmart. There are several thrift stores, book stores, and eating places within walking/biking distance of the Dunn House. There are also several free parks, playgrounds, and beach accesses in the area.

You will be given training. We do not throw people willy-nilly into the spiritual or performing battlefields. That’s what our coordinators are for. Feel free to talk to them specifically about that. Also, our director, James Zozzaro, is awesome. He gives a series of seminars over the course of the summer called Defining and Defending the Faith. He has a list of books on the subject that he would love to share with you.

Finally, the best way to prepare yourself for Staff is through prayer. There’s all this distracting logistical stuff, but at the heart of everything we do on Staff is God. Talk to Him.

We are so excited to meet each of you in person and work with you this summer!

God bless!