Ministry Teams

We are truly grateful for the ministry teams (aka, church groups) that have come to the Chapel over the years to assist our staff in the Lord’s work! If you are interested in bringing a team to the Chapel for a weekend, please contact us today! If you wish to come to the Chapel for a week, please fill out the online application and we will be in touch with you soon.

Application: Click

Open Weeks for Summer 2018

May Work Groups

  • The first three weekends are open! Skilled and unskilled laborers are welcome, with a special request that teams bring at least 1 skilled worker to provide leadership and oversight alongside our maintenance coordinator. Spring tasks include sheet-rock repair, painting, cleaning, woodwork, and more.

June-July-August Regular Church Groups

  • Week 4 (July 7-14): We already have a church signed up for this week, but welcome you to contact us about your availability to team up with the other group!
  • Week 9 (Aug 11-18): OPEN!
  • Week 10 (Aug 18-25): Special evangelism training scheduled for this week. Please join us!

September Youth Groups

  • The first three weekends are open! Stay tuned for more details about events and training opportunities!

Expectations and Costs

  • Work Groups: We are very grateful for any time and labor that work volunteers are able to offer! When available, we are thankful to be able to provide free rooming for all individuals and teams and ask that they provide for their own meals.
  • Church Groups: Regular summer ministry teams come for a week (Saturday to Saturday) during the dates that our nightly programs are being conducted by staff (Father’s Day weekend through Labor Day weekend). We are grateful for any help that the church groups offer our staff in the areas of evangelism, music, drama, and support and our staff are happy to provide all evangelism training needed to share the gospel on the Boardwalk. For staying in the whole Chapel (an upstairs and downstairs apartment) for a week, church groups are asked to provide $2000 to offset maintenance and general living expenses. In addition, church groups are asked to provide for their own meals.
  • Youth Groups: In September, we are happy to offer space for churches to send families and/or youth to enjoy a time of fun, fellowship, free Christian concerts, and optional evangelism/apologetics training. For the weekend, we ask that teams provide $500 to stay in the Chapel apartments or at the staff house, and also ask that they provide their own meals.