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The Boardwalk Chapel Summer Calendar 2017


Work Weekends

  • Late April: Team from Merrimack Valley, MA, and Westminster, CT
  • Late May: Team from Trinity Hatboro, PA


Memorial Day Kick-Off Concert: May 27 Sat, Liam Slack and the Very Least

Staff Welcome Concert: June 3 Sat, Under the Fall


Training Week One: June 5-10

  • Rev. Jim Zozzaro’s Apologetics: Defining and Defending the Faith
  • Concert: June 10 Sat, Narrow Road


Training Week Two: June 12-17

  • Dr. Henry Krabbendam’s School of Evangelism
  • Concert: June 17 Sat, Baz McGuire


Week One: June 17-24

  • Training: Evangelism with Krabbendam, Baker, and Hollands
  • Church Group: New Hope Presbyterian, MD, with Ann Burden
  • First Program: June 22 Thurs, with Guest Musician, Dan Meredith


Week Two: June 24-July 1

  • Concert: June 24 Sat, Eddy Mann
  • Church Group: Church of the Covenant, NJ / Minister: Jim Jordan
  • Staff Training: June 26-28, Dr. Dan Wilson, Student Outreach of Harvest USA, PA
  • Guest Musician: June 29 Thurs, King Rich


Week Three: July 1-8

  • Concert: July 1 Sat, Silent Culture
  • Church Group: [OPEN] / Minister: [OPEN]
  • Guest Musician: July 6 Thurs: Eddy Mann
  • Staff Training: July 6-8, Rev. Sam Andreades of Faith Reformed PCA, PA


Week Four: July 8-15

  • Concert: July 8 Sat, Mercy Shore
  • Church Groups: Franklin Square OPC, NY, with Kim Perez and [PENDING]
  • Guest Musician: July 13 Thurs: Frank Rocks Jesus
  • Guest Musician: July 14 Fri-July 15 Sat: Karis Herzer


Week Five: July 15-22

  • Church Group: Heritage PCA, VA / Ministers: Larry Yeager and Brian Sandifer
  • Guest Musician: July 20 Thurs, Stevie Prather


Week Six: July 22-29

  • Church Group: Covenant OPC, IL, with Peter Onnink / Minister: Iain Wright
  • Guest Musician: Molly Rose


Week Seven: July 29-Aug 5

  • Church Group: Living Hope, MD / Ministers: Clark Brooking and Tim Flora
  • Guest Musician: Aug 3 Thurs, Eric Rapp


Week Eight: August 5-12

  • Special Event: Aug 5 Sat, Pro-Life Day with Local Pregnancy Centers / Concert: Wendy Schettig
  • Staff Training: Rev. Richard Fisher, You Last Forever
  • Church Group: [OPEN] / Minister: [OPEN]
  • Guest Musician: Aug 10 Thurs, Stevie Prather


Extra Weekend: August 12-14


  • Concert: Aug 12 Sat, [PENDING]
  • Youth Group: Calvary Glenside, PA, with Caleb Smith



Week Nine: August 14-21

  • PNJ Church Group: Immanuel Bellmawr and Friends / Minister: Tom Church
  • Guest Musician: Aug 17 Thurs, Eddy Mann
  • Concert: Aug 19 Sat, Baz McGuire


Week Ten: August 21-28

  • PNJ Church Group: River of Life and Friends / Minister: Bill Slack
  • Guest Musician: Aug 24 Thurs, TBD
  • Concert: Aug 26 Sat, Think of 3


Week Eleven: August 28-Sept 4

  • PNJ Church Group: Faith Pole Tavern and Friends / Minister: Elder Ron Elwell
  • Guest Musicians: Aug 28-30, Rene & Rommi Kinard
  • Guest Musicians: Aug 31 Thurs, Kim Speer


September Concerts One: Sept 1-4, Labor Day Weekend

  • Guest Musicians: Sept 1 Fri, [PENDING]
  • Concert: Sept 2 Sat, Silent Culture
  • Youth Group: Columbia PCA, MD, with John Song


September Concerts Two: Sept 8-11, Roar to the Shore Weekend

  • Concert: Sept 8 Fri, Dan Meredith
  • Concert: Sept 9 Sat, Heaven’s Thunder Band
  • Youth Group: Emmanuel Chapel, PA, with Wilson Cummings


September Concerts Three: Sept 15-18, Firefighters Weekend

  • Concert: Sept 15 Fri, Eddy Mann
  • Concert: Sept 16 Sat, Liam Slack and the Very Least
  • Youth Group: [OPEN]


September Concerts Four: Sept 22-25, Irish Festival Weekend

  • Concert: Sept 22 Fri, Tim & Christine Carroll
  • Concert: Sept 23 Sat, [PENDING]
  • Youth Group: [OPEN]


September Concerts Five: Sept 29-Oct 2, Italian Festival Weekend

  • Concert: Sept 29 Fri, Matt diVenti
  • Concert: Sept 30 Sat, [PENDING]
  • Youth Group: New Hope Bridgeton with John Seip